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About Us

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Our Beginning

The existence of Eloigraiza far preceded its founding; Eloi lived in the heart of our founder, Grace Agumisiriza. An auditor by profession, she didn’t see herself in the line of couture until the day she was found by purpose and resigned from auditing to take on this beautiful art of design. 

Living in a fast growing conservative town in Uganda, Jinja, Grace started cutting and stitching fabric at home using a sewing machine that was gifted her by her mother. 


She later moved to Kampala where most of her clients were at the time and continued working from home. Piece by piece, Eloigraiza was knit together into the most revolutionary fashion house you see today.

The early success and exceptional growth of Eloi caused the need to expand working space, which meant separating work and home; a good problem at hand. Grace moved Eloigraiza out of home and into its own space in Kisaasi, a Kampala surburb, and Eloi has been soaring consistently ever since. With the fast growing employee and client rate, Eloigraiza will surely change the world, outfit by outfit.

A word from

the owner

It’s amazing some of the thoughts that go through people’s minds regarding how they look, their body shape, which parts of their body they prefer and why. I’ve met countless people, mostly women, stunningly beautiful, yet with shockingly low esteem. Making a gown or evening dress for them and seeing them light up at how gorgeous they really are, I could live for that.

I want people to feel comfortable with their body and know they are absolutely flawless.

Fashion is a very expressive language. Every client has a story and a huge part of that story is told in the way we dress. Many stories have been redefined, rewritten and some have been spoken better or clearer with these threads and needles.

So we created Eloigraiza; a place where every client is welcome to be completely themselves, where people come to see the true reflection of who they are, be on top of their fashion game and most of all, realise how beautiful they truly are inside and out.

Grace Agumisiriza

We are dedicated

to see your dream come true

Every customer is special!

Like lace and satin, Sandwich and velvet, thread and nylon, no two clients are exactly the same. 

Some may have a few similarities, but every client is uniquely special and we love to embrace every unique quality and make it pop.

eloigraiza logo

Our Process

We prioritize understanding our clients and knowing them at a more personal level before we begin the hands on process. Translating every client’s heart’s desire into the perfect outfit makes all the difference. 

That begins our process and the technical work commences, varying mostly in amount of time required depending on the design and fabric being put together.

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