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    Privacy Policy

    At Eloigraiza, we take privacy and security seriously. All the information we collect from you when you fill in our collection form is secure with us. Some of the details we require you to fill in include your name, phone number(s) and email address.

    The purpose of us collecting this information from our clients is to ease communication in terms of you reaching Eloigraiza to place your orders, and for us to get better acquainted with each other. This way we can help all our clients better and be very easily accessible for you all.

    The information collected is handled as highly confidential and will be used by the contact team to easily be in touch with the clients, disseminate relevant communication regarding client orders and timely give available updates from inside Eloigraiza. The site is SSL activated and user details are encrypted in the site’s database. This means all your information is entirely secure.

    Eloigraiza’s contact details are availed on the website for all visitors to be in touch with us and freely find out anything about us.

    Clients will most definitely receive communication through their email addresses in case any updates regarding this privacy policy are available.

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